Brookwood’s Chick-Fil-A Leader Academy Hosts Book Giveaway


Gracie Green, Editor-in-Chief

Brookwood’s chapter of the Chick-Fil-A Leaders Academy will be hosting a book giveaway for the preschool programs at Brookwood High School and Brookwood Elementary School, as well as, the kindergarten classes at Brookwood Elementary School. This program is led by Cindy Shelby and Bryce Donaldson, Brookwood High School’s Chick-Fil-A partner. The the teachers chosen for this project are Ms. McGee, Ms. Freeman, Ms. Di Bona, Ms. McGuire, and Ms. Roy. Each student from these five classes will receive five books: Kindness grows, The Garden of Hope, A Friend Like You, Goodnight World, and We Are Together. 

Chick-Fil-A, Inc. has donated one million books to over one thousand high schools across forty-three states to donate to a local charity, elementary school, or a non-profit organization of the chapter’s choice. The goal of this impact project is to help underserved youth and instill a sense of community in the members of the leader academy.

The members of the leader academy will personally hand out each book to the children in each class, which have all been packaged with a note written to each individual student from a member of the academy. Mrs. Shelby hopes to have the packages delivered during the second week of October. Upon the delivery of the books, the student in which each member of the academy has received will be able to choose one book that the member will read to them individually.