Rolling: A Small Town Homecoming Tradition


As far as Brookwood High School goes, Homecoming is an annual tradition and the most anticipated week of the year. The football game, the parade, the pep rally, and the homecoming dance are all fun events that small town high schoolers look forward to. It’s the busiest week of the school year in Brookwood. Hours are spent on decorating parade floats, the alumni from previous years come to visit, and everyone’s favorite way to celebrate the week starts on Monday night before the homecoming game: rolling.

It’s a war against classes, with the seniors and juniors going head to head throwing toilet paper at each other’s houses. Traditionally, seniors roll juniors houses and vice versa. Freshman and Sophomores are not typically allowed to participate because they cannot drive, however, some of them still get rolled by their older friends. It’s a week of harmless fun, with a few exceptions from those who disregard the unsaid rules, but some core high school memories come from homecoming week. Big town schools may not embrace rolling culture as small town schools do, but it’s one of Brookwood’s favorite traditions.

Rolling stops on Thursday of homecoming week; Friday is meant for the game. Those who participate in rolling should be partaking in an attempt to show school spirit. Therefore, on the night of the game, those who went rolling should be in attendance to show support for their team. Rolling is a tradition full of harmless fun. As long as everyone participating is respectful, it should be enjoyed by all of the upperclassmen of a small town high school.