Brookwood Local Business to Host a Fitness Training Program


Kendall Smith

Brookwood High School faculty member, Katelyn Taylor, runs and conducts the fitness classes at Panther Fit. Mrs. Taylor grew up in Brookwood, Alabama. After high school, Mrs. Taylor attended college at the University of West Alabama, as well as UAB.

After completing college, Mrs. Taylor received a bachelor’s degree in athletic training, a masters degree in kinesiology, and was an athletic trainer for UAB for two years. Following those achievements, she went on to be a high school athletic trainer.

This program began earlier in the month of November. The activities at Panther Fit include low impact training with other possible classes such as HIIT and aerobics. The prices for the training program are $10 for one class or $30 for 5 classes.

The facility is open for classes Mondays through Fridays from 4-5 p.m  The workouts are held inside of Panther Nutrition, workout clothing and the appropriate shoes are required to participate. The participants must have a medical waiver signed to register.

Panther Nutrition is hosting the fitness program located at 15706 AL-216 Suite D, Brookwood, AL 35444.

Contact information is below for more on the new fitness classes hosted at Panther Nutrition.


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