Brookwood High School Breaks Ground On New Athletic Facilities


Ella Price, reporter

In September of 2022, Brookwood High School was approved for the budget of a brand new athletics facility, and this week they are celebrating with an exciting groundbreaking ceremony.

Members of the Tuscaloosa County Board of Education, Brookwood city officials, and various members of Brookwood High’s faculty and staff, gathered to commemorate this substantial moment, so many have been waiting for.

Coach Scott Brown, Dr. Keri Johnson, Principal Kellie Hubbard, Coach Mike Bramblett


The community of Brookwood has been highly anticipating this athletics makeover. City officials say the excitement is unreal and it is truly a great advancement for not only Brookwood, but the surrounding communities as well.

District 7 Representative, Bill Squires, expresses his gratitude to the City of Tuscaloosa along with each individual who is interminably working to make the visions of so many come to life.

“This is the day we have been waiting for, for a very long time. Everything in life is about timing, and everything had to finally come together. So many people had to be in just the right place to make this project a go”,  Squires stated on Thursday.

Principal Kellie Hubbard is thrilled about the amelioration of the new facilities and what it will offer for not only the students, but the growing community as well. Hubbard says she truly believes that Brookwood is a remarkable place, and values the unique diversity of the local communities that come together in the City of Brookwood.

“We have so much support from our local communities, and I tell people all the time that it is truly what makes us so special. I believe more special than all of the other high schools because we have such a diverse community of Coaling, Vance, Lakeview, and Brookwood all pulled into one school. That is exactly what makes us so special”, Hubbard expressed at the ceremony.

Principal Kellie Hubbard

The project will include upgrades for locker rooms, workout equipment, concession stands, a newly added track, and of course a football field.

The city of Brookwood and surrounding areas, are looking forward to seeing the new amenities be used by the students and Friday night lights to look better than ever.

The brand new multimillion dollar upgrade is scheduled to be finished in September of 2023, and has the public eager to see the long awaited vision come to life.