Brookwood High School Student Spotlight: Trent Roberts


Gracie Green, Editor-in-Chief

Trent Roberts is one of the most notable seniors at Brookwood High School. He is an active member of the Student Government Association, as well as the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Roberts has been playing sports since he was three years old, saying that his dad, Chad, has a really big connection to sports which started his involvement. He started with baseball, which he played until he entered high school, and basketball. In the seventh grade, Roberts started playing football. Football is now the only sport he plays. When asked about the significance of athletics in his life, Roberts said, “I do feel like sports are significant to me. I enjoyed football for awhile, but then it just became something else that I did. I wouldn’t say that it(sports) defines me as a person, but it became a big deal to me around tenth grade when we had a really rough year. We decided things had to change.”

Roberts other extracurriculars include SGA, FCA, Civident Sweethearts, musical theatre, and French club. Along with all of these clubs and organizations, Roberts is also very involved in the student section of every sport played by Brookwood High School. The day after Roberts turned sixteen, he started his own Brookwood based business, West Alabama Lawn Landscape. The business is usually ran by Roberts, Tristan Hallman, Andrew House, and Tanner Issacs. He plans to keep his business running while he attends the University of Alabama, and he also plans to hire some of the football players to give them a job opportunity.

When asked about important figures in his life, Roberts names many mentors and positive influences. “Coach Ryan Balsmeyer, who used to coach here(Brookwood High School), completely changed my life. He sat me down one day and explained to me that I was a leader and that people looked up to me. There’s Coach Scott Brown, who has had a huge impact on my life; anything that I need, he’s always there. I also have a couple mentors from the Northport area: Jeff Hanes and Chris Moebly, they give me really great advice.” Roberts also comments that Brookwood Mayor Joe Barger has also played a significant part in shaping him as a person.

Trent Roberts and Mayor Joe Barger

Roberts’ parents, Chad and Ina Roberts, have also played major roles in his life. His mom, Ina, is a teacher at Brookwood High School and he says that it is an interesting dynamic having his mom see his friend’s everyday. “My mom is very supportive. No matter what I want to do, she is always willing to find a way to help me get there, even if she doesn’t entirely agree with it. She wants me to be successful.” Roberts says that his dad, Chad, has played an even bigger role. “My dad’s family moved from North Carolina to Brookwood for the mines with practically nothing, and eventually he started a business with my granddad…I think that helps me stay humbled because I know that my dad works hard labor for us every day with my granddad. They have played a huge, huge role in my life.”

One major part of Roberts’ life is his religious affiliation. He is a Christian, who was raised in church. Roberts’ great-grandfather is a pastor, his mom, Ina, was a children’s minister, and his dad, Chad, handled their church’s finances. “I feel like at a young age this expectation was put on me, to not only be a good person, but to also honor my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.” After he turned sixteen, Roberts started speaking at churches around the Brookwood area. He comments that he is very thankful for opportunities such as that.

Despite all of his extracurriculars and the amazing opportunities that have been given to him, Roberts remains a very grounded person. He says that he understands that any person with drive can do the exact same things as him. “I don’t feel like I’m special. The only reason I am in the position that I’m in is because of the people who love me and have put me in this position. I think it’s important to stay humble because I want people to understand that I don’t think that I’m any better than them.”