Brookwood Participates in Alabama Science Olympiad

Hayden cottingham, Author

Front Row:  Giselle Smith, Peyton Morris, Fallon Howell, and Gabrielle Salzman
Back Row:  Ms. Zahorscak, Maggie Glass, Jaice Orr, Deacon Griffin, Ryan Hodges, Kassie Clay, Tia McGuffie, Raina Reeves, and Ms. Davis

This year Brookwood High School and Brookwood Middle School participated in Alabama’s Science Olympiad. The Science Olympiad is a competition in which students compete in twenty-three events pertaining to various fields of Science, including Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Engineering.

Ms. Polly Davis, as well as ,the rest Brookwood faculty are extremely proud of the team. Ms. Davis stated the team was low on resources and had to be provided materials by the University. Though the team had very limited materials, they tried their best and it was shown in their performance.

The BHS Panther Olympians brought home nine medals at the recent Science Olympiad competition.  The competition was held at the University of Alabama. Several teams competed in science, engineering, and technology events. The BHS team won 1st place in Rocks and Minerals, 1st place in Disease Detectives, 2nd place in Green Generation, 3rd place in Anatomy and Physiology, and 3rd place in Forestry. Team members include: Jaice Orr, Deacon Griffin, Raina Reeves, Maggie Glass, Tia McGuffie, Fallon Howell, Kassie Clay, Gabby Salzman, Giselle Smith, Ryan Hodges, and Peyton Morris.