Crimson Star Band To Travel To Crimson Cavalcade


Brookwood High School’s Crimson Star Band

Grayson Roper, Fine Arts Correspondent

     For over a decade the University of Alabama‘s Million Dollar Band has hosted an event known as Crimson Calvacade. This year is the 11th annual event. Crimson cavalcade is a non-competitive exhibition of many of West Alabama’s high school marching band’s halftime productions. Staff of the Million Dollar Band will also provide comments and critique for each band, which will be beneficial to Brookwood’s band, as they will be traveling to Pinson, Alabama for a competition later in the week. On September 20th, 2022, Brookwood High School’s Crimson Star Band will participate in this event. They are tentatively set to take the field at 8:10 pm.

Crimson Cavalcade will be hosted at Tuscaloosa County High School.

Other bands that will be performing include: Sipsey Valley, Fayetteville, Hillcrest, Gordo, Tuscaloosa County, and American Christian Academy.

To open the exhibition, the University of Alabama’s trombone choir will perform. Following the conclusion of high school band exhibitions, the Million Dollar Band will perform to conclude the event.

The Crimson Star Band has worked extremely diligently, and they are very excited for this event and other events that are coming up soon. Please consider giving your support to this fabulous fine arts program as they showcase the excelling talent and skill.

Below, is a tentative schedule of the order of performances:

  • 6:25 University of Alabama‘s trombone choir
  • 6:30 Sipsey Valley High School
  • 6:50 Fayette County High School
  • 7:10 Gordo High School
  • 7:30 Hillcrest High School
  • 7:50 Northridge High School
  • 8:10 Brookwood High School
  • 8:30 American Christian Academy
  • 8:50 Tuscaloosa County High School
  • 9:10 University of Alabama‘s Million Dollar Band