Brookwood Alumni Open New Floral Shop


Gracie Green

Brookwood Alumni, Kaitlyn Mahan and Abby Bentley, have recently opened a local flower shop, Penny’s Petals, in Brookwood.

The two graduated from Brookwood High School in 2020 and both left Brookwood for college after graduation. Mahan attended UAB until she moved back after her daughter was born. Bentley attended Jacksonville State and both remained friends while away at college.

When asked about their decision to open a flower shop in Brookwood, Mahan said that she previously worked at a floral shop in Birmingham while she attended UAB and that the two had joked about opening one because Brookwood does not have a florist. Mahan says, “With the help of our family and friends, it all just became a big reality. We found this empty building and everything just fell right into our laps.” The two alumni say, “We love having a spot where teenagers feel that they can just come hang out, even if they aren’t here to buy anything.”

Mahan and Bentley both agree that they would like to remain a Brookwood based business because of their love for Brookwood. Bentley says, “I just don’t think it gets much better than Brookwood, not even in like a ‘I’m gonna stay here forever’ way. Everything about it is great: the people, the opportunities, the school, the spirit, just everything.” Mahan and Bentley are trying to be more involved in activities at the high school with the band, football, and other clubs.

“Brookwood is growing and we think it’s important to have more small businesses in town to help the growth”, Mahan says. The two hope that Penny’s Petals will soon be known by everyone in Brookwood. “We’re a city now and we hope to help Brookwood get bigger in any way we can.”

Penny’s Petals offers floral arrangements for weddings, funerals, and parties. They also offer an in-store floral arrangement class.