West Blocton Local Opens New Restaurant


Gracie Green

Matt Kornegay, a known business owner in Woodstock and West Blocton, opens his latest venture on August 23rd, 2022.

Kornegay may be known for his previous businesses, the Bloody Bibb Haunted Trail and a Florida based restaurant, Oar house Seafood. He also owns a travel agency, Magnificent Vacation,  which is based out of West Blocton. Kornegay says that motivation is what drives his inspiration for his businesses, “You ride by and you see a building and you think ‘I wonder what could work there.”

Now, Kornegay has officially opened his new restaurant, Pot Belly Pigs, a sandwich and ice cream shop. When asked about his drive to open so quickly, Kornegay responded, “We wanted something very straight minded and very quick to serve the community.”

Pot Belly Pigs is located at the Foodland Shopping Center in Woodstock. During the Fall, Kornegay will open his haunted attraction, Fear Farm, in        West Blocton.